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Liliya Kishkis Marotta - Artistic Profile -

Liliya Kiskis Marotta - pittrice

Born in Donetsk in Ukraine, has suffered the troubled decline of her own country and, since the 90s lives and resides in Switzerland. Keened since young age to pictorial arts, she artistically grow up at the schools of Masters like: Alessandra Angelini, Pier Bricchi, Werner Kropik and Galina Zubchenko.


Keened traveler and reader, she has visited and continues to visit the most culturally and spiritually significant places in the world in search of the essentiality of the origins, of ancient cultures and spiritual emotions.  The results of such researches emerge through her works in a very personal interpretation of time,   where    past    and    future   lose   their

individual  meanings  to  reunite  themselves  into a single moment without end: 

"the Present".

Intense love and trust for nature and for mankind, a longing craving for inner growth and positivity, lead Liliya to an emotional interpretation of reality that she transfers to her works and paintings.

Liliya’s power of simulating the effects of light, depth and color in order to represent the reality of the "Present" in all of its simple and clear essence.


The energetic code of many of Liliya’s works express a dynamic and perceptible connection between "Mother Earth" and "the Universe".  Elements that the artist assumes (and reflects) based on the past, the present and the future evolution.

The evolution of her pictorial techniques, the chromatic research and the use of innovative materials bearing frequently mystical meanings, enhances the content of her works, allowing the reader to easily grasp the perceived positive emotions and recognize himself in them.


The artist opened new frontiers of pictorial representation, that do not require any comment because Liliya is an artist, whose paintings quaver the air to the point that her paintings closed-in upon who admires them, becoming part of the paintings themselves feeling the strength of "Mother Earth" and bringing them to soar among the stars.


Liliya’s paintings, where exposed in numerous successful exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad, and are today part of numerous private collections in Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Russia, the United States, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine.

“I think on what I have done;

I think on what I haven’t done;

I think on what I could have done, but.....

I paint what I dream!"

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